About us - Tech as a Tool for Good

While many have begun to see technology as an end in itself, we remain rooted in our belief that technology is a tool to empower the work already being done.

We want to create technical opportunities for young people in Stanislaus County by crafting software solutions that empower businesses, civic tech initiatives, and nonprofits to thrive. Our nonprofit software studio combines technical expertise with a deep-rooted commitment to community well-being and mentorship, ensuring our work has a lasting positive impact.

Our Values - Balancing our passion for tech with our love for community.

  • Community.

    The tech community in Stanislaus County and the Central Valley is still young and scattered. We hope to do our part in nurturing this community by creating community projects and remaining remote-first.

    Community projects will include volunteer-made civic tech projects produced internally for public use and collaborations with nonprofits.

  • Mentorship.

    Despite how near the Central Valley is to Silicon Valley, the global epicenter of tech, there are very few opportunities for students interested in tech. As a result, students struggle to gain any relevant experience while in college and are later forced to move away after graduating.

    We strive to create opportunities for students by pairing them with civic tech and non-profit volunteer projects. In doing so, we set them up for success. And in the long run, we hope to prove there is enough tech talent here to convince folks to create their companies here rather than having to move away.

  • Simple & Solid Solutions.

    We are not trying to reinvent the wheel or disguise every solution as the new AI trend. We strive to balance time-tested, solid, simple solutions and the latest tech innovations.

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We're excited to introduce BPCS - the Better Patterson Council Site. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use alternative to the official site that's accessible to everyone in the community.

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